Operation Cobra

“You know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants a magical solution for their problems and everyone refuses to believe in magic.”
-Jefferson (The Mad Hatter)

Despite the fact that Rumple’s a crazy, evil bastard, I have almost always rooted for him.  Tonight, I was so disappointed that he lied to Belle, but what disappoints me more is Belle’s blind faith in him.  Maybe that make me a cold hearted bitch sine Belle loves him, but, to me, the fact that all she keeps saying is that she knows he’s good and she believes in him obviously isn’t working.  Maybe if she laid shit on the line and told him, “shape up or I’m shipping out,” ‘he’ll try to be less awful.  I feel like he needs that kind of kick in the ass. 

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I wish this was true but alas I have no hope in them….


I do have some hope. Maybe just because I cant wrap my mind around the fact that he’s dead, because they were really advancing his story and advertising second…

If what I feel isn’t love…

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I had no idea they were together!!! This is the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!

Another fun tidbit for you: they are due to have their first baby together within a month!